Tracksz is On Hold!

Due to various commitments requiring resources used elsewhere, Tracksz development is on hold for the foreseeable future!

Managing Inventory
& Orders Everywhere?

Stop Wasting Time & Duplicating Effort!

Tracksz is a MultiMarket Inventory & Order Management Service for one stop management. Reclaim your time now!

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Manage Everything in One Place

This service allows you to manage your inventory and orders in one location while keeping all your Stores, Marketplaces and Listing sites completely in sync everywhere.

Tracksz Development Is On Hold!

Help Us Plot A Course, a 20+ year veteran in Internet Development, is actively developing Tracksz now.

You can help plot a course by providing input into the direction of development. What features do you need? What marketplaces do you want to support?

Get exactly what you need with just a little input!


COVID-19 Impact: We are coding hard to complete tracksz but the impact of COVID-19 cannot be estimated on our timeline at this moment. We do know that it's initial impact is a dramatic increase in support requirements from current services.

Planned Features

Here is a partial list of the features we intend to include. This may change as we receive your suggestions!

Inventory Uploads & Management

Upload, add, edit, and delete inventory then send out your changes to all your marketplaces and listing sites. All from one place!

Order Retrieval

Tracksz queries all your listing sites and marketplaces to find any orders you received and retrieves that order for you.

Support for Diverse Product Lines

Support for all product types including Books, Clothes, Games, Furniture, Antiques, and many more. If you have a product you list in multiple locations, we support it!

Order Notification

When Tracksz receives an order for you it will notify you and your customer. Additional notifications available as the order status is updated.

Repricing Strategies

Various methods to accomplish inventory repricing including price settings you establish for each of your Marketplaces.

Postage Integration

Use a postage partner or establish your own shipping. Your choice.

and more....

Image Uploads

Save your images in one place.

Inventory Categories

Categorize each item.

Inventory Synchronization

With Multple Marketplaces

API Data Retrieval

Get Your Data Your Way

One Account

Sign Up Once

Multiple Stores

Support All Your Retail Ventures

Employee Management

Let Someone Help

Reports & Statistics

Check the Stats

Much More...

Just too much to list here..

Supported Marketplaces

Here is a list of the initial sites we intend to support. This may change as we receive your suggestions.

Marketplaces Under Consideration

We are investigating the interest in support, the ability to support, and the timing of support for the following marketplaces.
Please Note:

1. Support of a marketplace is dependent upon the ability to programmatically upload inventory and retrieve orders. It also depends upon the marketplace not having any conditions in their terms of use preventing Tracksz type of integration.

2. Company names and logos are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of or copyrighted by their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Simple pricing

Tracksz automatically adjust your monthly invoice so you receive the lowest monthly fees.




Fee based on inventory
count & orders.

  • Up to 15,000 Inventory Items
  • Full System Access
  • Unlimited Marketplaces
  • Sync Data Across All Marketplaces
  • Inventory & Order Management

  • 1.3% of orders up to $10,000
  • 0.7% of orders above $10,000
  • $5 each additional 10,000 item allowance over 15,000
  • Optional: Tracksz Listing Service at 11% commission on each sale



Includes everything in Standard with the following modifications

  • Up to 40,000 Inventory Items

  • 1.15% of orders up to $10,000
  • 0.6% of orders above $10,000
  • $4 each additional 10,000 item allowance over 40,000
  • Optional: Tracksz Listing Service at 9.5% commission on each sale



Includes everything in Standard with the following modifications

  • Up to 90,000 Inventory Items

  • 1.0% of orders up to $10,000
  • 0.5% of orders above $10,000
  • $3 each additional 10,000 item allowance over 90,000
  • Optional: Tracksz Listing Service at 8% commission on each sale stores receive a 25% monthly discount!

* Monthly fees are determined by the monthly inventory count average plus the commission on order totals or the minimum monthly fee, whichever is greater.
* Fees are adjusted up or down fee levels based on the lowest fee calculation.
* Fees are paid in the arrears, for services rendered. The current month's activity determines the fees for the next month.
* Fees for the Tracksz Listing Service include credit card processing fees.

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MultiMarket Inventory & Order Management.

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